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Planning meeting passes development of serviced rooms by 5 votes to 4

Cllrs Baigent, Green, McQueen and Thornburrow vote against.


Planning meeting 7-11-18 refuses permission as speculative student accommodation

The acceptance of the new local plan for Cambridge introduces a new understanding ‘that speculative student accommodation will not be allowed’

As a consequence of the extended discussions on 106 money the application had not been signed off when the new local plan came into the Guildhall.  As the current application wass not in accordance with the new plan the application was bought back to the planning committee on 7-11-18 planning committee and it was refused permission



Currently the application appears at

The officer’s report for the planning meeting has yet to be published and this could prove interesting reading when it is. This should appear on the following website shortly.

It is interesting to see the comments made by CFRS who it appears are raising an objection (but this is a matter for building control).  see




UPDATE 11-1-18 

There are a new set of plans on the Council website

Please look at them and make a comment

The developer’s design and access statement is here 

5-7-17 Romsey Labour put forward a range of objections to the development of this site as student housing and at the recent planning committee the application was rejected.

We have contacted the developer to ask for a further meeting

Previously we had said:

In another good example of how we can all gain from consultations, the team planning the development of the Labour Club site met with Romsey councillors and EMRAG yesterday (2-2-15).

The nursery, which labour had called for, remains in the current draft plan, but the majority of the accommodation in the draft plan presented for discussion was for student flats.

For my part I argued that what is wanted is homes for workers.”  I called for at least 40% to be social housing and for the remainder to be homes aimed at Cambridge residents.

The meeting was cordial and both groups have adjourned to review the situation.

For my part I remain clear – Romsey needs homes for local workers and that this should be reflected in this important local site.

 11th July 2014

There was a meeting with the owner to discuss his plans for the Labour Club Building on the 11th July 2014 and he explained how his preliminary thoughts were to provide a space for a nursery (this was a labour suggestion), a retail unit, some community space and accommodation (potentially for students or professionals).
The front face and side elevation will be retained.
Following the discussions we now await more concrete plans.

Many local people will have connections to this club. For some it will have been a regular or occasional watering hole. For others it will be the place where they arranged gigs and meetings. There will be many who held receptions, parties and events and for all these people this announcement will come both as a surprise and a regret.
Are we going to see developers try to knock it down and build yet more flats or will they try to work within the existing building? No one knows and this lack of knowledge will be a difficulty for anyone trying to challenge or even understand this change. People in Romsey that I talk to are getting very tired of the constant development and re-development and the lack of concern by developers for the wishes of the people.
Time will tell, and I suppose it is wrong to speculate too much but we are entitled to a say in any change of use or worse and I for one will be trying to organise support to ensure that democracy and localism can work.

If we are going to save this historic building then we need to act fast, the club is now closed and we wait to see what the developers plan.
See what the Cambridge Evening News has to say

We need as much information as possible – let us know what you know?
Let us know what you want to do?


The plans to build more student accommodation in Romsey means no affordable housing.

To see and comment on the plans for this development go to this link

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